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We offer state of the art machine learning technological solutions to provide you with the highest returns possible.

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With access to live dashboards at your fingertips on all devices, your money will never feel out of reach.

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Fully Automated Trading Strategies

Be as hands-on, or hands-off, as you'd like, with a fully automatable trading strategy. Let us take care of your money for you, if that's how you roll.

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Since 2009, our trading strategy has outperformed the Russell 2000 by over 100%.



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Insiders are defined by the SEC as:

  • Company executives
  • Company directors (aka board members)
  • 10% shareholders of the company
  • By law, when insiders decide to purchase/sell stocks of their own company, they will need to file with the SEC for permission.

    SEC Form 4

    The SEC form 4 is a "Statement of Change in Beneficial Ownership".
    The form is a declaration of company insiders transactions with respect to their own stocks.
    A requirement of the form is that insiders possess NO Material, Non-public information.
    This information is made publicly available on the SEC website through their ENRON system


    Blackout Period pre-IPO

    Based on historical patterns, we notice companies that exhibit regular trading patterns, who suddenly experience a lapse of insider trading activity, are likely to indicate the existence of material, non-public information.

    Our strategy aims to target these lack of trading periods in order to predict upcoming M&A activities

    M&As Predicted
    vs Russell 2000 Index


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    Ying Hua

    Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager

    Ying is a Portfolio Manager at a Hedge Fund, managing clients' money for over 10 years. She also completed the UC Berkeley Masters' in Data Science (MIDS) Program.


    Adrian Lam

    Co-Founder & COO

    Adrian has worked in the Finance Department of an airline for the past 5 years, managing JV programs and manpower planning. He has also completed the MIDS program at UC Berkeley.


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